Specify the port, username and password in data.json. If unspecified, the default values as below will be used

"mongodb": {
    "port": 27017,
    "username" : "",
    "password": "admin"

Creating the monitoring user

It is recommended to create a monitoring user for fetching metrics. To do that from the MongoDB console client, use the following command. Note that if you have replication set up, it is sufficient to create the user on the primary node itself.

use admin
     user: "archagent",
     pwd: "archagent",
     roles: [ "clusterMonitor" ]

Change username & password values as per your preference in the above.

Having updated data.json on your server (no need to restart archagent), enable this plugin from the server's rule config page. Set thresholds for metrics that you care about and want to be alerted on. Enabling a plugin.

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