Archsaber agent can monitor multiple instances of Redis running on the same server. To monitor your Redis service(s), specify the port numbers and passwords in data.json.

"redisMulti": [
        "port": 6379,
        "password": ""
        "port": 6380,
        "password": ""

Having updated data.json on your server (no need to restart archagent), enable this plugin from the server's rule config page. Set thresholds for metrics that you care about and want to be alerted on. Enabling a plugin.

A detailed description of each metric can be viewed here.

Securing Redis with password

You can enable client authentication by specifying a password in the redis.conf of the instance. It can by done by adding/uncommenting the following entry

requirepass someverylongpassword

Alternatively, set it from the redis command-line client as :

config set requirepass someverylongpassword

It is recommend to use a long (32 char plus) & complex password, as this mechanism is easily susceptible to brute force attack

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