Alert Channels

The alert channels page is to create & edit alert notification mediums. An alert channel can be assigned to a server from the server metrics page (click the settings button next to the server name), or in the metrics.json of archagent config.


Notification Mediums

Currently following alert notification mediums are supported

Phone Call & SMS

Each team member can have one phone number associated with the account which can be configured to recieve voice & SMS alerts. Called ID of the phone call will be the same number, that you have verified with us. We recommend using these mediums only for the most critical alerts.


Any email address having the same domain as the company/organization can be added.


You can link to one or multiple of your PagerDuty services with the generated integration key. We will send out alert event details like alerting entity (hostname or apiname), alerting metric etc.


Similar to PagerDuty, we can send alert events to your Slack channels. An integration for slack can be created here. For further details see Slack's custom integrations doc.


You will need HipChat service key for this integration. To create a new integration, log onto, and go to Rooms > Integrations > Find New . From there, click on “Build Your Own”. The URL generated is of the form{{room-id}}/notification?auth_token={{auth-token}}.

Use the room-id & auth-token generated to fill the respective fields in the new dialog form.


WebHooks can be used to implement custom integration. These webhooks will be triggered upon any alert with the following data in payload.

    "auth" : "base64 enconded sha256 hash of your webhook key",
    "tag":  "webhook name specified",
    "alert": {
        //alert details

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